Wednesday 10 August 2011

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #11

Recorded live on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) between 6 and 8pm on Sunday 7th August 2011.

Just when you think you're hitting your stride with this ray-dee-oh malarkey...

During the recording of this podcast, whilst on air, due to technical difficulties, we lost a third the tracks we intended to play, and the system crashed, meaning that this show is presented in mono rather than stereo. Hopefully, there are some audible gems buried within the technical malfunctions and presentorial ineptitude...

If you enjoy any of the tracks played here please support the artists by buying their records and going to their live shows.


1. Krzysztof Penderecki - Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima
2. Three Trapped Tigers - Untitled 1
3. Long Fin Killie - The Heads of Dead Surfers
4. The Paris Sisters - I Love How You Love Me
5. Lambchop - Soaky in the Pooper
6. Fair Oh's - Katasraj
7. Iceage - Collapse
8. Kurt Vile - Baby's Arms
9. Panda Bear - Alsatian Darn
10. Caught in the Wake Forever - Silence and Static (Part 1)
11. Troupe Majidi - Essiniya (Nass El Ghiwane)
12. The Minutemen - Ack Ack Ack
13. Al Lover - Where There's Woman
14. Bleeding Heart Narrative - Suitcase
15. Tindersticks - Talk To Me (91 Version)
16. Troy Faid - Wayfare Till Hightide
17. Group Inerane - Ano Nagarus
18. The Fall - Cowboy George
19. Yuppies - Banana Now
20. Daniel Johnston - Go
21. United Fruit - Kamikaze

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #11 by CrowVersusCrow

Caught in the Wake Forever
Sublime Frequencies
Al Lover
Troy Faid
United Fruit

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