Crow Versus Crow Presents...

Previous Events

'You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion, Halleloo'
An Exhibition of New Works from Crow Versus Crow
Thursday 26th March - Thursday 30th April 2015
Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre, Halifax

Crow Versus Crow and Doghouse proudly present...

The Ex | That Fucking Tank | Nose
Saturday 19th April 2014
Arden Road Social Club, Halifax

Crow Versus Crow presents...
Sunday 13th April 2014
The Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge

Crow Versus Crow and Fuse Art Space present...

Trans/Human | Recalcitrant Electronics | Spandril
Saturday 15th March 2014
FUSE Art Space, Bradford

Crow Versus Crow presents...
The Inaugural Event of Bradford Threadfest 2013, featuring:
Peter J Taylor | Roman Nose | Jer Reid, Stevie Jones and Friends | Nutclub
Friday 24th May 2013
Delius Arts and Cultural Centre, Bradford

 No Hands, along with Obscene Baby Auction and Crow Versus Crow present...
Gum Takes Tooth | Jealousy Mountain Duo | Nope | Cowtown
Friday 31st May 2013
The Polish Club, Bradford

Gizeh Records and Crow Versus Crow present...
Aidan Baker | A-Sun Amissa | Dean McPhee
Monday 18th February 2013
Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Crow Versus Crow and Noise Ark present...
Thought Forms + Sunwolf + Eyes + R'hllor
Saturday 13th October 2012
Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Crow Versus Crow and Sheepscar Light Industrial present...
Petrels + Aqua Dentata + Max Bondi + Bbblood + Ben Gaymer
Saturday 15th September 2012
Wharf Chambers, Leeds

Silent Front + Eyes + Wild Wizards
Sunday 8th April 2012
Bar Up, Halifax

A-Sun Amissa + Trouble With Books + TEN
Friday 23rd March 2012
Bar Up, Halifax

Pale Seas + These Men
Tuesday 6th March 2012
The Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge

That Fucking Tank + Two Minute Noodles
Saturday 17th December 2011
The Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge
(in collaboration with 1970 Company)

Nitkowski + Palehorse + False Flags + Super Luxury
Thursday 27th October 2011
Bar Up, Halifax

United Fruit + Thee Cuss Words + Horses
Saturday 10th September 2011
Bar Up, Halifax

RM Hubbert + Jasmine Kennedy
Saturday 9th July 2011
Bar Up, Halifax
Part of the Halifax Festival 2011

Silent Front + Juffage + Thee Cuss Words
Saturday 4th June 2011
Bar Up, Halifax

Shield Your Eyes + Nikki Louder + isavedlatin
Friday 8th April 2011
Bar Up, Halifax

Japanther Shellshag European Adventure + Thee Cuss Words
Monday 7th February 2011
Bar Up, Halifax

Eagulls + NGOD + Spirit of John + RM Shaw
Friday 17th December 2010
Bar Up, Halifax

X-Ray Cat Trio + These Men + Joshua Sheard
Friday 28th October 2010
Bar Up, Halifax