Saturday 25 February 2012

Crow Versus Crow Mix: JUFFAGE

Leeds' Jeff. T. Smith, a.k.a Juffage, very kindly put together this mix for The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show, as part of our 23rd episode. Working to the same excruciatingly specific brief we've set every other guest mix for the show, 'do what you want in about 20-30 mins - no salty language', Jeff sent us a real treat and we're  incredibly pleased with the work he sent over. So, here it is...


1) Noveller - Rainbows
2) MC Paul Barman - I'm Fricking Awesome
3) Dead Rider - Just a Little Something
4) The Crystalites - Concentration (Version 3)
5) Lucky Dragons - Mirror Friends
6) Vladimir Ussachevsky - Wireless Fantasy
7) Windy & Carl - The Sun
8) Twine - Gliding In On
9) Magnapinna - Jobfinder Jazz

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