Sunday 28 October 2012

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #42

Within this episode, #42, of the Crow Versus Crow, we are very pleased to announce the inclusion of the second of the Crow Versus Crow Radio Live Sessions, recorded by Broken Shoulder - the solo project of Neil Debnam of Fighting Kites (Audio Anti-Hero's site, Broken Shoulder's Bandcamp).

There is also a sneak peak of a new as yet untitled record from Peter J Taylor, one time member of Action Beat and orchestrator of works for multiple guitar, and a new track from Etai Keshiki, taken from their 'Etai Keshiki/ Castrato Attack Group' split, in and amongst new tracks, demos, live recordings and 'archived' tracks from a wealth of DIY and independent releases.

If you are at all interested in the work of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired in a far inferior mono form on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 28th October 2012 between 6 and 8pm.

1. Patti Smith – Prayer (recorded at St Marks Church, NYC, 1973) (taken from UbuWeb's Sound Archive)
2. Dead Labour Process – Scrunched Bangle (Disgrace, Poot Records) 

3. Mogwai – Summer (Ten Rapid, Rock Action Records)
4. Two People in a Room – Horses in my Head (Endless Bummer, Rural Colours) (Special mention for the Hibernate Recordings Membership Club)

5. Butthole Surfers – Hay (Locust Abortion Technician, Blast First) 
6. Paul Corley – Narrow (Disquiet, Bedroom Community) 

7. Broken Shoulder – Cat’s Forehead (The Crow Versus Crow Sessions
8. Broken Shoulder – Oak and Mirrors (The Crow Versus Crow Sessions

9. Peter J Taylor – 1.1 (unreleased) 
10. John Lennon and Yoko Ono – Song for John (Unfinished Music No.2: Life with the Lions, Zapple) 
11. Suck Susan – Superhero Micro-Skills (No Head in the Helmet, Daddy Tank Records)

12. The Murder of Rosa Luxemburg – Time and Death Invading the Arcadian Scene (Everyone’s in Love and Flowers Pick Themselves, Undergroove Records)
13. C_C – Ru-Nc-Ut (Retro Action, Bedroom Research) 

14. Matthewdavid – Noche y Dia / San Raphael (Outmind, Brainfeeder) 
15. Ceramic Hobs – Untitled (Oz Oz Alice 6, Poot Records) 

16. NASDAQ – AGM (AGM/Fourth Quarter Slump, Carnage Club) 

17. Etai Keshiki – Unbelievable Krimewave (Etai Keshiki/Castrato Attack Group split, Hypnowave/Memoirs of an Aesthete) 
18. Woes – Darkness Falls (unreleased)

19. Broken Shoulder – Shark Island (The Crow Versus Crow Sessions
20. Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Their Helicopter Sing (‘ALLELUJAH’ Don’t Bend Ascend, Constellation Records)

Thank You.

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