Monday 24 June 2013


Here's the third of the batch of mixes made for the seventh British Wildlife Festival, which took place between the Brudenell Social Club and Royal Park Cellars in Leeds on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd March 2013. 

No theme 
No concept 
No effects 
Titans of rock, cut-and-pasted 

The featured tracks are:

Aereogramme - Shouting For Joey
Midwich - Part 2
The Caretaker - One Thousand Memories
A-Sun Amissa - Dislocated Harnmony
Jealousy Mountain Duo - Dallas Song
Tatmata Binta - Fudu Bender
Mount Eerie - Between Two Mysteries
Mogwai - Oh! How The Dogs Stack Up
Rrose - White Drip
Group Bombino - Imuhar
Spirit Animals - Bearlesque

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