Wednesday 18 March 2015

You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion, Halleloo': An Exhibition of New Work by Crow Versus Crow

'You're Gonna Need That Pure Religion, Halleloo'
An Exhibition of New Works from Crow Versus Crow
27th March - 30th April 2015
Preview: Thursday 26th April 6 - 8pm
The Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre

Adapting its title from American folk musician Lead Belly’s interpretation of a Gospel vocal traditional, ‘You’re Gonna Need That Pure Religion, Halleloo’, is a new body of work by Crow Versus Crow.

The collection of ten digital photocollages and a mixed media triptych builds upon a dense network of appropriated cross-cultural references, from the work of 16th Century esoteric philosopher Robert Fludd, through Islamic geometric pattern to the cut-up methodologies of Brion Gysin and William S. Burroughs, to consider existential questions of ‘meaning’ beyond specific religious or spiritual orthodoxies.

Compiling photographs taken over a period of four years, which are layered with minimal digital manipulation or alteration, along with hand-drawn and found imagery, the photocollages are presented as stills from a continuous (imaginary) reel of film. Non-linear and cyclical, a narrative stretches across the ten frames.

The triptych was created alongside and in relation to the photocollages, focussing and expanding upon specific themes from within, through repeated motifs and iconography.

Please visit Creative Calderdale for more information on the Elsie Whiteley Innovation Centre and it's opening times.

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