Sunday 10 April 2016

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #100

The 100th episode of The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show.

If you thought the occasion would be marked by something special you'd be terribly, terribly mistaken. Business as usual for the one hundredth episode - wall-to-wall gold with the minimal ill-informed, poorly considered mumbling in between.

Recorded at Crow Versus Crow Haus using a Zoom H1 recorder as a microphone. Stitched together using outdated software. Please listen to this on headphones. 

If you are at all interested in the work of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired in a far inferior mono form on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 10th April 2016 between 6 and 8pm.

1. Melting – Pretty (Dusk / Crow Versus Crow Records, 2016)
2. Teebs – Just The Yellow Bits (Collections / Brainfeeder, 2011)

3. Malayeen – Dina (Malayeen / Discrepant, 2014)
4. John Cale, Tony Conrad, Angus Maclise, La Monte Young, Marian Zazeela - Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume I: Day Of Niagara (Excerpt) (Inside The Dream Syndicate Volume I: Day Of Niagara / Table of Elements, 2000)
5. Marlo Eggplant – Stills (Stills / Not on Label, 2016)
6. Lowered - Arche (for Gongs) (Excerpt) (Arche (for Gongs) / Trome Records, 2016)

7. Susan Philipsz – Study for Strings (Recording of score used during installation Study for Strings, Documenta13 / 2012)

8. The Sly and Unseen - Much Is Yet Before (The Crossley Heritage / Wist Rec, 2016)
9. Mudguts - Pretty Slipping (Sabrina Fourtyfives / Invisible City, 2016)
10. Mouthus - Pilot Wave (Dual Drift / Our Mouth Records, 2007)
11. Black Spring - No End (Golden Ghost / No End / Structured Disasters, 2016)

12. Morton Feldman - Piece For Four Pianos (The American Avant-Garde In The 20th Century: Music And Modernism / LTM, 2014)
13. Low Frequency Orchestra w/Wolfgang Mitterer – Mole (Excerpt) (Mole / Chmafu Nocords, 2010)
14. Eliane Radigue – Epure (Excerpt) (Opus 17 / Alga Marghen, 2013)
15. Vibracathedral Orchestra - Catching Loners With Blank Arms (Versatile Arab Chord Chart / VHF Records, 2001)

16. Tor Invocation Band – Water (Excerpt) (Water / TOR Press, 2016)
17. Bill Orcutt & Jacob Felix-Heule - We Are All Bob Marley (Colonial Donuts / Palilalia Records, 2015)

18. Mogwai – Ex-Cowboy (Come On Die Young / Chemikal Underground, 1999)

Thank You

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