Saturday 6 May 2017

NEW DISTRO ITEM: Phong Tran - A.I.R. Tapes 1 (Excavation Series 5) cassette on Power Moves Library

NEW DISTRO ITEM: Phong Tran - A.I.R. Tapes 1 (Excavation Series 5) cassette on Power Moves Library

Available now via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp

With the creation of a new arm of the Crow Versus Crow project, I am very pleased to announce the first Distro title available through the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp - Phong Tran's A.I.R Tapes 1 cassette, part of the on-going Excavation Series on the excellent Toronto-based label, Power Moves Library.

As a solution to increasing international postage charges, Power Moves Library and Crow Versus Crow will now stock a limited few of the bulk of each other's releases, making the records available to USA/Canada through PML and the UK/Europe through Crow Versus Crow at a much more reasonable price to interested listeners. We both feel that it is vital to help other artists and labels spread the word of their work and hope that this distribution project will go some way to doing so.

So, with that, here is the first Power Moves Library title available through Crow Versus Crow. Phong Tran's A.I.R. Tapes 1 is a mixtape created from recordings taken directly from Indian radio during his travels through the country during 1996-97.

'There are hours and hours of these tapes made from various locations with varying reception levels. I was constantly listening to the little Sony shortwave radio that I had with me. I memorised the timings of certain favourite programmes so I could record them. Otherwise, I always had the machine ready at hand in case something of interest came on. I picked tracks for this mixtape based on performance, duration, rarity and audio quality.'

The result is a beautiful collection of hiss-filled ragas, traditional compositions, interview snippets and English language news broadcasts that amount to a fascinating insight into one person's interactions and experiences of a country, it's socio-political conditions and musical, cultural history, at a particular time.

It's an incredibly strong record that comes very highly recommended.

Having been referred to people keen to pick up a copy by Power Moves Library, I now have just 5 copies of the tape available through the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp. The tapes are £5 to the UK / £6.50 to Europe, including postage and packaging. I have agreed to only sell to the UK/Europe as both Power Moves Library and Phong Tran can easily, and cost-effectively, cover the rest of the world. But, as both Phong Tran and PML have now sold out of the tapes, if you are beyond the UK/Europe and would like a copy please send me an email and I will try and arrange a copy for you.

Thanks for all of your support with Crow Versus Crow. Now, DIG! You hep cats, you!

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