Monday 24 July 2017

New Release: Three Eyed Makara - 'Moonmilk Roof' (Crow Versus Crow, 2017)

Three Eyed Makara
Moonmilk Roof
Limited Edition of 100 cassettes & digital download

Crow Versus Crow is incredibly proud to present Moonmilk Roof, the debut release from free music collective, Three Eyed Makara – a revolving ensemble led by Natalia Beylis and Willie Stewart; both of whom are members of Woven Skull and Divil A' Bit.

From within a forest set deep in the Irish countryside, Three Eyed Makara channel the sounds of mythical creatures battling in the stirred silt of the ocean floor; velvet antlers lock; tail fins flicker; pine scent; oak sap; heaving giants thrashing at the threshold, third eye blinking.

In this recording, Three Eyed Makara is Willie (Woven Skull, Divil A' Bit / percussion) and Natalia (Woven Skull, Natalia Beylis, Divil A' Bit / Mandobird, electronics), Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh (Cian Nugent / viola), Djuna Keen (Ludo Mich / saxophone).

Moonmilk Roof  is released as a limited edition of 100 professionally dubbed cream-shelled cassettes, with full colour labels, wrapped in a full colour extended J-card, hand-numbered and housed in a cream cassette case. and digital download.

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