Monday 19 February 2018

New Release: Posset / Stuart Chalmers / BBBlood - 'Live at Fuse Art Space' Limited Edition CDR & Digital Download

Posset / Stuart Chalmers /  BBBlood
Live at Fuse Art Space, Bradford
Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered CDRs & digital download
Available now via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp
£5 CDR / £4 digital download

This record does exactly what it says on the tin: presents unedited performances from three of the No-Audience Underground's finest purveyors of sonic exploration, Posset, Stuart Chalmers and BBBlood, recorded live at Fuse Art Space, in Bradford on Saturday 17th June 2017.

With works descending from, but distinctly separate to, the trio's previous Crow Versus Crow-released split CDR, 'Delirium Cutlet Impaste', Posset spins golden, skittering yarns with his looping, dicta-wonked abstract poetry; Stuart Chalmers constructs throbbing chromatic walls from shimmering, morphing loops; whilst BBBlood conjures spectral landscapes of cut-up place, with pummelling swathes of fizz, hum, scrape and tone.

In an affectionate killing of a sacred cow, and with tongue firmly in cheek, the sleeves of '...Live at Fuse...' allude to the reclamation of territory from what is generally considered a cultural archetype. It has probably been said by somebody somewhere before that it is paramount we document the work of the artists within the No-Audience Underground for cultural posterity, for when they who sleep awake and pay attention, and this record is just that: a document of three open artists and their innovations at the intersection of their respective paths, produced with a firm belief of the cultural significance of the work of these three artists within an Experimental Music™ context.

Would it be hyperbolic to say that this is the immortalising of one of the greatest artistic happenings within recorded history? Possibly. Well, it was 'a good night for the sausages'.

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