Thursday 15 March 2018

New Release: Saboteuse - X (CVC008 / Limited Edition cassette & digital download)

Limited Edition of 50 cassettes & digital download
Available now via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp
£5 tape / £4 digital download

“Active since ‘05, SABOTEUSE are the unwaveringly N. Staffs duo of AJ1 (Silver Dick, Inca Eyeball, Stuckometer, PUFF et al) and AJ2 (Vile Plumage, Makakarooma, Bongoleeros, Dirty Swords et al).

/////////////////////////////////////// Closely related to SCULPTRESS and ASYMPTOTEM but centred around short-form song structures -

perverse, dented, angled

\\\\\\\ - drone-tone + multitrack tape bleed

/ samplepad, floor tom and snare

////////////\\\\\\\\\\\\\\tumbled stairwell rhythms
- spidertone hard reverb gtr, toy k’board -

- lyrically to the fore/to the core -
white hot needles in the red/verdant obsidian blue in the face - -

unflinching “gaze” and vista.

“X” signposts 10 releases and 10+ years of collaboration.”

– Saboteuse

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