Friday 27 March 2020

New Release: Shit Creek - The Land Of The Remember (CVC016) Limited Edition of 50 CD-Rs & Digital Download

Shit Creek
The Land Of The Remember
Limited Edition of 50 CD-Rs & digital download

Crow Versus Crow is delighted to present for public absorption a new body of supra-spectral, barely-contained-by-the-medium-of-sound works from Shit Creek, titled, The Land Of The Remember.

It can be difficult to make music about anything other than clinical depression when you're clinically depressed. Similarly, it can be difficult to imagine a reality beyond our own when the one we find ourselves in is so thoroughly depressing. Recorded between October and December 2019, in the midst of the General Election and the dismal sham masquerading as political discourse, The Land of the Remember could be seen as an attempt to forge an alternative - free from the restrictions of stifling oppression and dehumanising, debilitating structures of the contemporary UK.

Jamming the emotive tranquillity of the raga against a glittering technicolour that glitch-flips between atomising anxiety and absolute joy, The Land Of The Remember is an attempt to create the sound of a world beyond, or perhaps reconfigured from, the current socio-political context.

With no beat to anchor, the layers of granular fizz, squelching tropicalia glimmers and discordant plucked whatevers form shifting, expansive plains of multifarious sound, in a psychedelic bricolage of transcendental reconstitutions of the everyday.

The Land Of The Remember is released as a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered CD-Rs and digital download via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp on Friday 27th March 2020. The physical version is presented as a full-colour thermal printed CD-R, housed in a folded recycled card sleeve, with full colour artwork by Crow Versus Crow

CD-R £6
Digital Download £4

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