Monday 12 September 2011

Crow Versus Crow presents UNITED FRUIT | THEE CUSS WORDS | HORSES | Bar Up, Halifax | 10th September 2011

Image credit: Andrew Wild

A massive thank you to everybody involved in making this night what it was; to all the people who came down to support Crow Versus Crow, the bands and DIY music in Halifax - we're seriously grateful to you all; to everyone at Bar Up; to Horses for their Stapleton tee (Matt), incredibly powerful moustache (Adam) and all round good vibes; to Thee Cuss Words for their superior taste in Post-Trousers Polaroid Photographs and all round good vibes; and to United Fruit for being super, super nice guys, playing a cracking set involving a dismantled drum kit and 10+ drummers and all round good vibes.

United Fruit were filming throughout the night, compiling tour footage towards a documentary, erm, documenting to realities of DIY touring, so hopefully one or two pretty Fax faces will make an appearance.

...excellent vibes.

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