Thursday 1 September 2011

UNITED FRUIT | THEE CUSS WORDS | HORSES, Bar Up, Halifax, 10/09/11

Just a quick reminder that the UNITED FRUIT | THEE CUSS WORDS | HORSES gig at Bar Up, Halifax is just shy of a week away - taking place on Saturday 10th September. It's a snip at £4 on the door, with all the proceeds going straight to the bands once we've recovered our meagre expenses (printing costs, sound guy, rider).

Here's a live clip of Horses playing one of their Billy Childish-ish, archetypal pop tunes, 'Kill Me Now' earlier this year...

...and part of the Cuss Words song, 'Fascinator' recorded live at The Harley in Sheffield...

...and finally, United Fruit's big rock, early Manics meets Sonic Youth vibes 'Kamikaze'... whet one's whistle.

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