Wednesday 19 October 2011

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #16

Again, we haven't been able to podcast this show to a quality that we feel the tracks played deserve, so unfortunately for those of you who missed the show, we can't offer you the show again. Below is a list of tracks played for the reference of those of you who tuned in.

This week's show featured a mix tape courtesy of Matt Benn, who plays in Hookworms, and the 'Featured Label' was Dog Knights Productions.

If you like a track played by any of the artists featured in the show, please look further into their work and support the artist by purchasing their record(s) and attending their rock concerts (where life deems this possible).

Recorded live on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 16th October 2011, between 6 and 8 pm.


1. Pg.99 - In Love with an Apparition
2. Petrels - Thomas Muntzer
3. Hospitals - Winter Nine
4. Nitkowski - Strike the Last Flare
5. Group Bombino - Amidinine
6. Piglet - Plastic Stars, Cotton Highways
7. No Coast - Heels
8. The Birthday Party - She's Hit
9. Giraffes? Giraffes! - She Looked Up From Examining the Freckles on Her Arm and Shouted. Jesus, I'm Fucking God-Damn Tired of This Make-Up Sex! And He Just Stared Off
10. Envy - All That's Left Has Gone to Sleep
11. Hookworms Mix Tape:
      The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Nevertheless
      Woods - Find Them Empty
      The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane - Blessings from the Reptiles
      The Mantles - Raspberry Thighs
      Real Estate - Wonder Years
      The Rolling Stones - Bitch
      Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - I Wanna Be Young
12. Jackals - Chemical Warfare (Dead Kennedys)
13. Life in the Dark - Tight and Black
14. Gumilinski - La Guerra
15. Bjork - Hollow
16. Silver Columns - Columns
17. The Meteors - Ma Johnson Meets the Razorback
18. Maths - Wilderness
19. Group Doueh - Kar Wazan Abyad
20. Kevin Ayers - Lady Rachel
21. That Fucking Tank - TFT

*Hookworms Mix Tape to follow

I Have Some Business Out West by Hookworms

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