Sunday 22 January 2012

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #22

'...If you're going to fill something with anything it might as well be The Fall.'

Here is the third of the pre-recorded Crow Versus Crow Radio Show podcasts, recorded completely 'live' in the studio, with no overdubs and alterations. This show will air/aired on Calderdale's 96.7 Phoenix FM on Sunday 8th January 2012 between 6 and 8 pm.

There was an issue with the panning during the recording of this episode, so, at points, the left or right speaker will cut out. Apologies to you the listener, and to the artists whose work is affected by this. We hang our heads... The T G Gondard track is the most badly affected, so to compensate there is a stream of 'The Phalanx' below.

If you are interested in any of the work presented here please support the artists through purchasing their records and/or attending their live shows when possible. Thank you to all the artists who allowed us to use their recordings within the show and to those who sent us records to listen to.

Track List

1. Thje - h
2. Nai Harvest - Distance, etc.
3. Thomas Function - Filthy Flowers
4. Rafael Toral - WF Radio Edit
5. James Blake - At Birth
6. Storm and Stress - And Third And Youngest, Unnamed
7. Richard Knox and Frederic D. Oberland - Drawing Lines To The End Of The World
8. Pine Barrens - Kingmaker
9. Silencio, Ahora, Silencio - Juan
10. Women - Flashlights
11. Posset - Sonic Reducer Reduced
12. The Unit Ama - M
13. Pascal Savy - On Leaving
14. TG Gondard - The Phalanx
15. Current 93 - All The Pretty Horses
16. Tortoise and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Daniel
17. Junior Boys - Last Exit (Fennesz Mix)
18. Demdike Stare - Bardo Thodol
19. Oneohtrix Point Never - Pelham Island Road
20. The Fall - Eat Y'Self Fitter

Also, below is a scan of Peter Nejedly's photograph that graces the cover of Pascal Savy's recent release in the Hibernate Postcard Series. You can find more information about the series here.

Thank You


  1. Nice show: here's a Unit Ama update...

    Unit Ama Steve now does Horse Loom

    Other lads do a band called

    Before the Unit Ama there was Four Frame, Kodiak and Crane

    There's also a track by Unit Ama on the second OBA comp which you can download here:

    1. Hey Andy,

      Ah cool...I hadn't realised that OBA had put out one of the Unit Ama tracks. Lords, MKbL and IKB on there too! Swee-eet.

      A friend of mine from Newcastle pointed me in the direction of both the Horse Loom and Long Lonesome Go. Both are really interesting. You set up/ thought about setting up a gig for any of them?

      Thanks for listening man. It's really appreciated.