Saturday 16 February 2013

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #48

Depending on whether you listen to this episode via Mixcloud or Soundcloud, this is either a girthsome 186 minute beast or a 180 minute bastard. The reason for this difference in time is my terrible mathematics; my inability to plan a show to fit the 180 minutes of allocated time. To fit within the requirements of both 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) and my free Soundcloud account I have had to edit some 6 minutes from the end of Hanetration's Nae Troth

This made me very uncomfortable.
Who am I to crop someone's artistic creation? To disregard a part of what is, for all we know, an incredibly specific composition, it's length intrinsic to it's function? (Unless it is cropped to serve a specific fiunction. Appropriated, maybe. Anyway...) Therefore, the full unedited version is included in the Mixcloud version, which I would encourage you to listen to, as Nae Troth is a damn fine work worthy of the 22 minutes it exists in.

Elsewhere in this episode, there are newly released tracks from Etai Keshiki, Wax Magnetic, Matthew Collings, My Bloody Valentine and Umez, amongst others; as-yet-unreleased tracks from Hookworms and The Thomas Family; along with dusty (Cold Suns, Ciccone Youth) and not-so-dusty (Haikai No-Ku, White Suns, Brutes) tracks, along with other gems from the DIY/independent world.

If you are at all interested in the work of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired in a far inferior mono form on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 17th February 2013 between 6 and 8pm.

1. Cold Sun – Here In The Year (Dark Shadows / World in Sound)

2. Wax Magnetic – Live In Gateshead 01.02.2013 (Not On Label)
3. Ciccone Youth – Platoon II (The Whitey Album / Blast First)

4. HaiKai No-Ku – Black Cloudbank Broken (Demo I / At War With False Noise)

5. White Suns – Footprints Filled (Sinews / Load Records)
6. Etai Keshiki – Shit Off (Not On Label)
7. Brutes – Head (Punishment / Not On Label)

8. Magnapinna – Rubberneck (Pedant / Not On Label)
9. Rattle – On Balance (Not On Label)

10. The Microphones – The Moon (The Glow Pt.2 / K Records)
11. The Thomas Family – Variation Three (Dub Variations / Unreleased)
12. Matthew Collings – They Met On The Subway (Splintered Instruments / Fluid Audio)

13. Hanetration – Nae Troth (Nae Troth EP / Not On Label)
14. My Bloody Valentine – Wonder 2 (mbv / Not On Label)

15. Hookworms – What We Talk About (Pearl Mystic / Gringo Records)
16. Hookworms – iii (Pearl Mystic / Gringo Records)
17. Umez – Hello Pt.2 (Good Bye My Friend / Liminal Noise Tapes)

Thank You.

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