Monday 6 January 2014

'Excommunicado' Now Available to Pre-Order

Excommunicado is now available to purchase from the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp

I'm incredibly pleased to be able to announce that pre-orders are now available for 'Excommunicado', a work produced in collaboration with Paisley-based artist, Caught In The Wake Forever  (Audio Gourmet/Hibernate/Mini50).
There's a dry description of the contents of the package below, so I won't go in to that here, instead I'll briefly reflect on the production of Excommunicado from my own perspective. In the interests of retaining some room for personal interpretation of the work, I'll keep it brief/vague.

 For me, Excommunicado is a work that deals with loss. Or, more specifically, it deals with the process of coming to terms with loss. I'm sure most people reading this will have got to a point in your life, post-trauma, where you're confronted with the question, 'What now?'. Sadness, bitterness, alienation, isolation, loss, nostalgia, hope, glimmers of happiness... all of these come together in a non-linear mess, as you attempt to 'pull yourself together', 'get yourself back on track' etc etc.

The drawings that make up Excommunicado were made in the midst of such a period of my life. I hadn't 'drawn' anything in the conventional sense for a long time and set about making these works without any plan or preconceived idea of what they could or would become. After sitting on them for a few months, I approached Fraser to see if he would like to be involved in a collaborative project combining work in our respective media, made in response to the visual subject, and what on reflection was so apparently the intellectual subject matter, of the drawings. Ideas back and forthed, chopped and changed over a number of months until we had what we're presenting to you here.

Peace, love, entropy,

Crow Versus Crow

Excommunicado is a collaborative project from Caught In The Wake Forever and Crow Versus Crow that brings together work in the respective medium of both artists revolving around each artist's interpretation of a single conceptual theme. The works within were produced as a continuous dialogue over a number of months, with various stages of development and articulation being sent back and forth between the artists, until both felt that their contribution was complete.

Excommunicado comprises a 10.5 x 10.5 cm 16 page mini art book, containing black and white inkjet prints of Crow Versus Crow's minimal ink and pencil drawings printed on matte off-white paper within a 170gsm recycled card cover; four instrumental tracks from Caught In The Wake Forever, on a white-faced 3" CDr housed within an 8.5 x 8.5 cm 100 gsm recycled paper envelope; an insert sheet containing recording and production information; a 35 mm photographic negative; and a dried rose petal, all housed within a 12.5 x 12.5 cm 100 gsm recycled paper envelope, sealed with a full colour Excommunicado sticker. 

This is presented as a limited edition of 50 copies.

The first 15 pre-orders will receive a limited edition 'Excommunicado' pin badge.

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