Monday 4 July 2016

Crow Versus Crow Presents Neil Campbell's 'Domestic Mix for The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show'

Originally broadcast as part of episode #99 of the Crow Versus Crow Radio Show (13th March 2016), Neil Campbell (Vibracathedral Orchestra, Astral Social Club...) presents,

'Seven hours of minidisk recordings of my everyday domestic listening to music, condensed down to half an hour. Sometimes sitting on my arse, more often cooking, cleaning, running around, adding general clatter/chatter to the recordings. Microphone placement and recording levels inconsistent and semi-random throughout. Special collage filter applied to remove most of what has been recorded and position the remaining sounds to move slowly around the stereo spectrum. Live electronics added in response to the collage. Artists featured (that I can recognise/remember): Maurizio Bianchi, Blood Stereo, David Bowie, Andrew Chalk, Gloria Coates, Chvrches, Kevin Drumm, Luke Fowler and Richard Youngs, Vikki Jackman, Joy Division, Olivier Messiaen, Paraselene, Iggy Pop, Ramleh, Erik Satie, Klaus Schulze, Studio Sardena, David Tudor and John Cage, Iannis Xenakis, my own recordings and many random sections of BBC Radio 3.'

Thank you so much to Neil for taking the time and care to make such an interesting, thought-provoking work for the show. Enjoy!

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