Tuesday 18 October 2016

Tor Fest 'Tape Roast' cassette-only DJ set with Natalia Beylis

Photo by Sophie Cooper

As part if this year's Tor Fest, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a DJ set of tape-only cuts with Natalia Beylis (Woven Skull, The Sunken Hum, Divil A'Bit...), improvising our unplanned selections in a 'call-and-response' manner. This was recorded and has aired, warps, pops, hiss, cuts and all, by excellent human Tristan Bath, as part of his Spool's Out show for The Quietus on Resonance 104.4fm.

During our set we featured excerpts, in varying lengths, of:

Dick Sutphen - Detach From Your Emotions (Probe 7) (Valley of the Sun)
Recordings produced by Nigel Tucker and Andrew Jones – (Weird & Wonderful Nature Sounds / BBC Wildlife Magazine)
Kink Gong – The Lisu (Excerpt) (The Lisu / Discrepant)
Natalia Beylis - The Sunken Hum Vol. 1 (Extract) (The Sunken Hum Vol.1 / Deserted Village)
Leyden Jars – The Heat of Darkness (Heat Death / Mordant Music)
Eddie Lenihan - The Dalcassians' Banshee (Six Terrible Women / Claddagh Records)
Gail Ghimp – ‘Fire’ Side (Excerpt) (Fire/Failure Soundtrack / Soft Corridor)
Dan Beckman - Full Gallop Number 8 Audiozine (Excerpt) (Full Gallop Number 8 Audiozine / Full Gallop)
Butthole Surfers – Kuntz (Locust Abortion Technician / SST Records)
Willie Stewart - Non - Plastique No 9 1/2 (Excerpts) (Non - Plastique No 9 1/2 / Not on Label)
Score – Heavy Low Concentration (Slump / Cruel Nature Records)
Posset – Zappa Excuse (Friction Rivers / Singing Knives)
Natalia Learning to Talk - home recording by Jeff Beylis
Unknown Artist - Our Favourite Bird Songs of Australia  (Our Favourite Bird Songs of Australia , with commentary by Harold & Audrey Crouch / Not on Label)
Unknown Artists - Ladring Sri Kondur (The Sultan's Pleasure: Javanese Gamelan & Vocal Music / Music of the World)
Miles Davis – On The Corner (On The Corner / Columbia)
Unknown Artist - Sawt El Badii Vol1 (Not on Label)

Thanks to Tristan / Spool's Out for the opportunity to share this with you. And thanks to Jake & Sof / Tor Press for having us contribute our magnetic wares in the first place. Viva Tor Fest!

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