Saturday 7 January 2017

Grey Guides' 'Beast Mask Supremacist' Reviews

As starts of new years go, two reviews of Grey Guides' Beast Mask Supremacist cassette arriving within a couple of days of each other a mere seven days in, this one is alright with me...

First up, Cassette Gods:

'...the manipulation and experimentation of tracks like “One Eye Lower than the Other” and “Just Burned Down a Care Home,” where sounds are warped and layered to unsettling effect, are the stars of the awesomely titled Beast Mask Supremacist. What are these sources, and how are the deployed? No idea. That’s part of the fun.'

Thank you Cassette Gods! Read the full review here.

And another from ATTN:magazine:

'I picture this: a gigantic, industry-grade cassette player spewing chunks of tape at random intervals. It bunches up in the spokes and stops the mechanism from turning properly, creased and knotted and torn to shreds, spilling over the chassis like the explosive regurgitations of ten brown party poppers. The situation is beyond repair. I can discern tiny remnants of the original tape contents (voices in ritualistic wail and jeers of lunacy, abstract guitar experiments) but they flicker and fold over themselves, tattered and dying in the wake of some dreadful act of vandalism.'

Thank you ATTN:magazine! Read the full review here

Tape copies are still available via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp, as are digital downloads, if you prefer.

Thank you to everybody who has picked up copies so far. Your support means a great deal and affects the existence of this here Crow Versus Crow project a great deal. Onwards through 2017...

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