Wednesday 29 November 2017

'Ra Wept' - Cut-Poems and Collages by Crow Versus Crow

Ra Wept by Crow Versus Crow

Collages and cut-poems by Crow Versus Crow October 2016 - October 2017
available via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp

A5 32pp full colour mini book of collages and cut poems by Crow Versus Crow, printed on 140gsm silk paper with 300gsm recycled card cover. Limited edition of 50 hand-numbered copies.

'Ra Wept' is a collection of thirteen sets of mixed-media digital collages and cut-poems, formed from words sourced from newspapers collected during daily commutes, produced over a year between October 2016 and October 2017.

Structured around a single seasonal year, this body of work documents a period of very personal exploration, incorporating a dizzying constellation of references to eclectic, and often esoteric, subject matter - from Egyptian and Biblical Creation narratives to Free Jazz; Alchemy to Nico; Existentialism to William Burroughs - forming a dense, cyclical, looping narrative, that draws equally on sound poetry and lyrical Romanticism. Thirteen ruminations on Being, fleeting and relative. No end.

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