Sunday 17 December 2017

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #121

The 121st episode of The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show, recorded at Crow Versus Crow Haus using a Zoom H1 recorder as a microphone and stitched together using outdated software. Please listen to this on headphones.

This one kicks off with live death from Suicide, recorded at CBGB's in '77; flicks through kitchen sink skronk from Leeds' newest no-no-wavers, Dwindling; spits ash and creamy plume through a Woven Skull; blows out some SRS melancholy free-jazz EXPLSNS from Black Unity Trio; rattles loud from the Gloom-y belly; Embla Quickbeam draws bird song and flame flicker into her swirling meditative scrapings; before Sophie Cooper and Julian Bradley transmit intermittent frequencies through brok... LAWD! There's just too much ear gold! Go! Dig! You Heps, you!

If you are at all interested in the work of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired on CAMP Radio ( on Friday 8th December 2017.

1. Suicide – Put a Little Love in Your Heart (Live 1977 – 1978 / Blast First Petite, 2008)

2. Dwindling – 3 (Screen / Not on Label, 2017)
3. Woven Skull – Four in Each of My Four Pockets (They Were Pebbles But I Call Them Stones / Lancashire and Somerset, 2017)
4. Black Unity Trio – John’s Vision (Al Fatihah / Salaam Records, 1971 & The Loathed Sound Department, 2017)

5. Charlie Ulyatt – Mannering (Shifting / Not on Label, 2017)
6. brb>voicecoil – Containment 3 (Containment / Muza Muza Records, 2017)
7. KWC - No Paint on Brush (Excerpt) (Posset/KWC / Power Moves Library, 2017)
8. $un $keletons Get It Up Yers Trio – Soonest to Sea (Pale I / doubledotdash?!, 2017)

9. The Gloom – Moby Dick (Live at Hotspur School) (#2 / Gloom, 2008)
10. Posset – rebrave#pee (Posset/KWC / Power Moves Library, 2017)
11. Embla Quickbeam – Boreal Sonne (THIRD27 / Third Kind Records, 2017)
12. The Slowest Lift – EV Plus (The Slowest Lift / VHF Records, 2017)

13. Alejandro Jodorowsky – Cast Out and Pissed (The Film of Alejandro Jodorowsky: The Holy Mountain Soundtrack / ABKCO, 2007)
14. O Ratel Ratel – Waas (Ontmanteling / Audio. Visuals. Atmosphere. , 2017)
15. Richard Chamberlain – Prestige Whilst Flyover (Grow Sike Flows Lune / Not on Label, 2017)

16. Sonic Youth – Interview & Kat ‘n’ Hat (Bang Zoom #7 / Bang Zoom, 1986)

17. Crime – Hotwire My Heart (Alt. Take) (San Francisco's STILL Doomed / Swami Records, 2004)

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