Monday 17 September 2018

New Release: Caught In The Wake Forever & glacis - Version & Delineation (CVC009) Limited Edition Cassette & Digital Download

Caught In The Wake Forever & glacis
Version & Delineation
Limited Edition cassette & digital download

Perhaps appropriately, as autumn rolls in, Crow Versus Crow proudly presents, Version & Delineation, the first collaborative work from Caught In The Wake Forever and glacis.

Having individually released highly acclaimed records on such esteemed labels as Hibernate, Fluid Audio, Soft Corridor and Dronarivm, Version & Delineation sees Caught In The Wake Forever and glacis, working aliases of Fraser McGowan and Euan Millar-McMeeken respectively, deconstructing and expanding upon Neo-Classical and Ambient templates to produce a body of work that revolves around improvisation (with a small ‘I’) and noise (with a small ‘N’).

These six short works hinge upon glacis’ raw piano improvisations, recorded, without prior planning or subsequent revision, straight to IPhone Voice Memo software. That is not to say there is a flippancy to these recordings. Rather, they are considered, concentrated distillations of reflected emotional experience. precise and lyrical.

In response, Caught In The Wake Forever produced beds of glitching, warbled, heavily textured sound that lay in dialogue with the piano works. Using the Make Noise System Cartesian & Akai S20 Sampler to incorporate culled and processed snapshots of domestic minutiae, Caught In The Wake Forever’s intricate abstract compositions mirror the fragility and transient ephemerality of glacis’ piano pieces.

Porya Hatami is responsible for the beautiful mastering of this record, which perfectly realises the intricacy and textural complexity of the compositions.

Version & Delineation is released as a Limited Edition of 100 professionally duplicated glitter-shell cassettes, housed in a standard plastic case with tracing paper J-card, held inside a recycled card O-card sleeve. Each cassette is hand numbered. All artwork and design by Crow Versus Crow.

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