Friday 27 September 2019

New Release: Embla Quickbeam, Natalia Beylis & Neil Campbell 'House Sparrow Settle Back' (CVC014) Limited Edition Cassette & Digital Download

Embla Quickbeam, Natalia Beylis & Neil Campbell
House Sparrow Settle Back
Limited Edition of 100 Cassettes & Digital Download

House Sparrow Settle Back is a document of two successive nights of collaborative improvisation between Natalia Beylis and Embla Quickbeam, recorded live at The Magic City, Todmorden on Saturday 4th May 2019; and Beylis and Neil Campbell, recorded the previous evening at CHUNK project space in Leeds.

Utilising and processing various found tapes, field recordings and synth, the collaborative pairings weave two glistening threads of kitchen sink psychedelia, all shimmering silver evening light, warbled bird song, tape loop stretch, green moss scent, static hiss, morning hum, ritual, reflection, refraction, ferric slip, whirling wind, skittering clatter, metallic scrape, essential throb, golden flux…

Such monumental themes as existential concern, environmental stability, ecological cohabitation, the role of the Individual and the Collective, and spiritual transcendence are spun from the complex layering and deft manipulation of the humblest of sound sources.

House Sparrow Settle Back is released as a limited edition of 100 hand-numbered professionally dubbed cassettes and digital download via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp on Friday 12th July 2019. The cassette version is dubbed onto a white shell cassette with gold and pink A/B identifying stickers, housed in a recycled plastic sleeve with A6 postcard featuring artwork by Crow Versus Crow. Each copy is individually hand numbered. Each copy comes with a limited edition 25mm metallic badge.

Tape £7
Download £4

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