Tuesday 17 November 2020

New Release: Trouble Tracer - Autofahrt (CVC019) Limited Edition Cassette & Digital Download


Trouble Tracer
Limited Edition of 50 cassettes & digital download

Facing ignition issues? Looking to identify the symptoms to understand where the problem lies?

Our handy Trouble Tracer® guide offers clear audio examples that will help you diagnose the problem. Whether it be Corona Discharge Stains, Cold/Carbon Fouling, Pad Contamination, Flash Over, Ash Deposits or Detonation we are here to help!

At Trouble Tracer® we know one thing: quality is in the details. And what is true for technological developments is true for adequately identifying issues and matching them with the appropriate solution.

At Trouble Tracer® we also believe that accuracy is best attained by working together. That's why we openly share solutions and lay out in a to-the-point and concise manner a reliable way to diagnose contamination, wear, damage and other potential issues, and how to best return to the ideal standards of performance and efficiency we work with dedication to maintain.

The Trouble Tracer® guide doesn't always give you enough information for you to know exactly what's wrong, but it does mean that you can eliminate everything from the input to the point where the signal changes. It is important to understand that when fault finding, any anomalous voltage is a symptom of the fault, and is not the fault itself.

With its unique patented technology, Trouble Tracer® produces audio and visual signals that technicians easily catch when they tap the target. But nevertheless, it does not require bending, cutting, freezing or any other actions that can damage cables.

Autofahrt is ideal for individuals that have difficulty in differentiating between static and leak noise on an electronic listening stick!

“…there are other noises that can spell trouble, are just irritating, or that can be expensive. How can we tell the difference? It’s certainly not easy. It obviously helps if you can identify the sound and where it’s coming from.”
Sarah H. Sanders

“All of these noises you heard were recorded in the Meagre Resource Workshop and have since been cured. Regular listeners will find out how all these jobs and repairs can be tackled in a way that’s easily understood. Everybody should know these sounds.”
Big Jack Hay

Thanks for listening! And remember: Cause – Remedy – Solution!

And now a word from our sponsors:

Trouble Tracer is a collaborative work of Mark Vernon and Fritz Welch

Mark Vernon is a Glasgow based sound artist who works with found tapes and acousmatic presence. His work explores themes of magnetic memory, audio archaeology, voyeurism, and nostalgia. His solo music projects have been published through labels including Kye, Glistening Examples, Flaming Pines, Misanthropic Agenda, Entr’acte and Canti Magnetici. He co-runs and curates Glasgow art radio station, Radiophrenia and has produced programmes for stations internationally.


Fritz Welch is a drummer, percussionist and vocalist determined to stretch the escalator of possibilities into the bloodshot eye of results. He was a founding member of Asparagus Piss Raindrop, Peeesseye and Lambs Gamble. He currently plays in EGO DEPLETION (with Adam Campbell), Dome Riders (with Armin Sturm, Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh and Mike Parr Burman), Zoming Flakes (with Iain Findlay Walsh and Louise Ahl), and has ongoing duo collaborations with Olivier Di Placido, Mariam Rezaei and Aniela Piasecka. A long-time Brooklynite of Texas origins, Welch is now based in Glasgow Scotland.


Autofahrt is released as a limited edition of 50 hand-numbered, professionally dubbed cassettes and digital download via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp on Friday 13th November 2020.

Cassette £6

In order to be as inclusive as possible, the digital download is available on a 'Name Your Price' basis. If you would like the record but can't afford to pay for it, then please do download the record for free and please consider sharing the record via social media or recommending the record to a friend. If you can afford to contribute financially, please pay what you can, or what you think is appropriate, and know that all proceeds go directly in to enabling future Crow Versus Crow releases.

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