Friday 26 February 2021

New Release: Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens - Miraculous Seepage (CVC020) Limited Edition Cassette & Digital Download


Brandstifter & Diurnal Burdens
Miraculous Seepage
Limited Edition of 50 cassettes & digital download

Peep box shadow play.

Spliced scenes on a carousel looping.
                                                                                                                                            Vinegar stink.

                                                        Two figures in a parasomniac waltz click mesmeric. The slumped marionette nods in cadaveric spasm. Glimmering fish-scales fall in soft violet pirouette. Hummed shanties leak from neon fissures. The Jolly Chimp claps in amnesiac glee.

Projections slip and stutter.

Goose stepping armies march by writhing strings.                          Silver light static flicker.

        Sulphuric miasma.
                                                                                            Miraculous seepage.

Crow Versus Crow is honoured to present Miraculous Seepage, a new body of collaborative tape loop bunraku from Brandstifter (Flux on Demand, Psych.KG, Chocolate Monk...) and Diurnal Burdens (Falt, Matching Head, More Mars, Invisible City Records...).

Across two sides of tape, the duo present seven surrealist dioramas, part Herman Hesse fairy tale, part Lynchian hypnagogia. With whirring spool clicks and visible strings, slewed transmissions break through the ferric void; miasmic zoetropes in varispeed.

Miraculous Seepage is released as a limited-edition of 50 hand-numbered, professionally dubbed cassettes (made from recycled materials) and digital download via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp on Friday 26th February 2021. The cassette features full-colour collaborative artwork by Brandstifter and Ross Scott-Buccleuch/Diurnal Burdens.

Cassette £6

Digital Download - Name Your Price

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