Friday 4 May 2012

Crow Versus Crow and Posset present... 'SEAWEED OF SILK'

I am incredibly pleased to be able to announce the completion of a collaborative project with Newcastle's finest, Posset, in the form of a 20pp A5 black and white zine/3" CDR release. My contribution is a set of photocollages produced in response to Posset's organic, layered Dictaphone 'humps', made up of various field recordings and basic instrumentation produced with aesthetic consideration of earlier Crow Versus Crow visual work.

You can purchase a copy, for the cost price of £4, by emailing crow_versus_crow(at)hotmail(dot)co(dot)uk.

Here's a video of Posset in action...

I'll also be peddling copies of the zine/3" CDR, and the very last few copies of the previous Crow Versus Crow zine/3"CDR split, at the upcoming Victoria Baths Fanzine Convention on Saturday 19th May at Victoria Baths, Manchester - appropriately themed 'Mass Participation and Collaboration'. More information on that here.

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