Sunday 27 May 2012

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #31

'Who the F*ck Is 'Bill Crosby', for a Start...!?'

Here is the 31st episode of the Crow Versus Crow Radio Show, presented in glorious 192kbps technicolour, with a bit of a focus on the Fucking Amateurs label (tip of the iceberg, I reckon, though), a couple of tracks from upcoming releases on Hibernate Recordings (Wil Bolton, Caught In The Wake Forever), a small tribute to Robin Gibb, and an obligatory The Fall track, amongst many other noisy and/or quiet things.

If you are interested in the work of any of the artists included in this episode then please support them through buying their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 27th May 2012 between 6 and 8pm.

A List of Tracks Played, In The Order They Appeared.

1. Minor Threat - (I'm Not Your) Steppin' Stone (Complete Discography/ Dischord)
2. William S. Burroughs talks about Writing and Art
3. The Unit Ama – Glass Like Water (The Unit Ama / Gringo Records)

4. Philadelphia Dave – The Probability of Life’s Construction (Fucking Amateurs 50 / Fucking Amateurs)
5. Netherlands – New York Mining Disaster 1941 (Soundcloud release)
6. The Fall – Mountain Energei (Country On The Click / Unreleased leaked version)

7. Johann Johannsson – They Being Dead Yet Speaketh (The Miner’s Hymns / Fat Cat)
8. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez – Dramatic Theme (A Manual Dexterity Soundtrack Volume 1 / Gold Standard Laboratories)

 9. Basilica – Blood Servant (Casual Curses [Ear Songs of Unfit Eyes] / Fucking Amateurs)
10. Richard Dawson – Her Bright Smile Still Haunts Me (Fucking Amateurs 50 / Fucking Amateurs)

11. Wil Bolton – Dissolve (Under A Name That Hides Her / Hibernate)
12. Charalambides – Wanted To Talk (Exile / Kranky)
13. Hangedup – Klang Klang (Clatter For Control / Constellation)

14. L’Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti – Sare Mobo (L’Orchestre Kanaga de Mopti / Kindred Spirits)

15. The Blind Piano Tuner – Beans (Fucking Amateurs 50 / Fucking Amateurs)
16. Warsaw – No Love Lost (Warsaw / Movieplay Gold)
17. Tide Of Iron – Bill Cosby (Sow EP / Shybairns Records)

18. The Long Lonesome Go – Potlatch (Chapel Day Trip / Bandcamp Release)
19. Mononoke – Windsor McClay (Issue #1 / Bandcamp Release)

20. John Frusciante – Life’s A Bath (Smile From The Streets You Hold / Birdman)
21. Caught In The Wake Forever – Western Medicine Failed Me (Against A Simple Wooden Cross / Hibernate)

22. Tim Hecker – Analog Paralysis, 1978 (Ravedeath, 1972 / Kranky)

Thank You

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