Sunday 24 June 2012

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #33

Here it is again... a selection of tracks from records that have stuck themselves to me, for whatever reason, over the last couple of weeks between the recording of episodes. This week features a more guitar-orientated music than the last episode (or two), a few excellent contemporary UK based artists, a dipped toe into the murky (and inconsistent in quality) Black Metal pool, a couple of remixes and reworkings here and there, a song from a man in films, a new old Lungfish song and a new old Can song.

If you are interested in any of the artists featured in this weeks episode the please support them by purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 24th June between 6 and 8pm.


1. Blood Sport – Mayan Dance (Journal No.4 / Audacious Art Experiment)

2. Three Trapped Tigers – Drebin Inspired by Drebin (Juffage Rehaul) (Remix Or Die / Blood and Biscuits)
3. Cave – On The Rise (Neverendless / Drag City)

4. Nikki Louder – Sidewalk (S/T / Rnka Rnka)
5. Sunburned Hand Of The Man – Now Lift The Outer Fingers (A / Ecstatic Peace!)
6. Nikki Louder – Fake A Ghost Remixed (S/T / Rnka Rnka)

7. Go Tell The Women – Put It Back In (Pognophile / Bandcamp Release)
8 Lungfish – I Will Walk Between You (A.C.R 1999 / Dischord)

9. NAH – Copwatch (Tapefuck / Ranch Records)
10. Ravachol – A Brief Allegory Of Wasted Time (The Revolution of Everyday Life / Bandcamp Release)

11. YamaDudes – That’s A Pretty Fucking Big Lake You Got There, Africa (by Gang Wizards) (DBA100 / Death Bomb Arc)
12. Locrian – The Columnless Arcade (Territories / Bloodlust!, Small Doses, At War With False Noise, Small Doses)

13. Skagos – The Drums Pound Every Night In A Glorious Celebration of Life (Ast / Eternal Warfare)

14.  Xasthur – Karma/Death (Portal of Sorrow / Disharmonic Variations)
15. Nathan Bell – Living For The Dead (Colours / Lancashire and Somerset)

16. Josef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch – Continuation  of the Last Judgement (Concerning The Entrance Into Eternity / Important Records)
17. Can – Dead Pigeon Suite (The Lost Tapes / Mute)

18. Broken Shoulder – Minoh (The Tape of Disquiet / Tape Your Mouth)

Thank You


  1. This is great dude. Never heard B Sport before, you have opened my eyes.
    Oh and Skagos... really like it.
    Cheers for doing this!

    1. Hey BS,

      Thanks a lot for checking the show out, man. And the kind words are really appreciated - it means loads!

      Bloodsport are a cracking band. I haven't managed to check them out live yet, but I'm going down to see them at Tramlines at the end of this month, and hope to put them on in Leeds at some point in the near future.

      Skagos are pretty new to me, and I've only heard the 'Ast' record that I played a track from, but I'll definitely be following up on them. I'm easily cringed out by flashiness, overt flash grandeur, lengthy fret wankery and the like, but Skagos steer just the right side of it for me. The shifts and changes of pace and tone and atmosphere are phenomenal within that track!

      Once again, thanks for taking the time to listen and get in touch mate.

      Andy | Crow Versus Crow