Wednesday 29 August 2012

Richard Knight - A Purse of Overdue Pennies (A Work Composed for the Crow Versus Crow Radio Show)

This work featured in Episode #37, and is presented here for you to stream, download and experience in the conditions and setting that you see fit.

'Raised in the surroundings of conflicting natural beauty and industrial decay of northern England, many of Richard Knight's primary influences are based around the clash between organic and electronic.'

1bpm sum it up perfectly, so I won't try and reword their interpretations and pass it off as my own.

More information about Richard Knight and 1bpm can be found here.

Richard Knight - A Purse of Overdue Pennies (A Work Composed For The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show) by Crow Versus Crow on Mixcloud


1. Farmer's Manual - M4
2. Federico Schumacher - Whisssh
3. Jan Jelinek - Raw Macro
4. Richard Devine - Freeze
5. Caro - My Little Pony (Beckett and Taylor Mix)
6. Keinzweiter - Mircoobee Leo Cubanero - Frauen
7. Richard Knight - Downgrade Yourself
8. Beckett and Taylor - Wood for the Fire
9. Mike Shannon - Drool String Espresso
10. Twerk - Motala
11. Juergen and Loverider - Slow in De Po
12. Ricardo Villalobos - Temenarc 1
13. Loverider - Around the Tree
14. JE - Break For Slice II
15. Soulphiction - Get it Right (Manmadescience Mix)
16. Noze - Albert
17. Brooks and Dani Siciliano - Wandering (Soft Pink Truth Remix)
18. Luomo - Class
19. Kalabrese - Aufm
20. Klo Fark - Venus
21. RK - NYE Filler
22. Closed Circuit - mx_bluaepye
23. Pigeon Funk - Blues for Raymond (RK Mix)
24. RK - Pn0 Cut
25. Ben Watt, Stimming and Julia Biel - Bright Star (Sunset Mix)
26. Kid Whisky - HvsK
27. Bobby McFerrin - All I Want

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