Sunday 5 August 2012

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #36

Here it is, the thirty-sixth episode of The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show, attempting to contextualise an holistic aesthetic experience as the definition of Punk Rock. Joseph Beuys is Henry Rollins.

In this episode there are a couple of pre-release sneak peaks of  Ex-Easter Island Head, ahead of their 'Mallet Guitars Two / Music for Moai Hava release, on Low Point, and Wil Bolton's Amber Studies, on Rural Colours; new releases from Richard Knight (Slumberjack Records) and Mel O'Dubhslaine on the newly established Leeds-based, Sheepscar Light Industrial label; a couple of tracks from To Live A Lie's 'Sampler 2012' compilation; and wealth of independent and DIY releases, loud and quiet, new and old(er), that have stuck themselves to me between the recording of this and the previous episode.

If you are interested in the work of any of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows, where possible.

This episode originally aired, in a far inferior mono form, on Phoenix 96.7 FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 5th August 2012 between 6 and 8pm.


1. Krzysztof Penderecki / AUKSO Orchestra – Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima (Krzysztof Penderecki/Jonny Greenwood – Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima / Popcorn Superhet Receiver / Polymorphia / 48 Responses to Polymorphia, Nonesuch)

2. Balam Acab – Welcome (Wander/Wonder, TriAngle)
3. OM – Addis (Advaitic Songs, Drag City)

4. Richard Dawson – Black Dog in the Sky (The Magic Bridge, Pink Triangle Records)
5. Trans/Human – Work Towards (Part 2) (The 8 Hour Dance, Audacious Art Experiment)

6. Pjaro – Empires of the Atlantic World (EP with Birds, Self-Released)
7. Divorce – Horseheads (Horseheads, Milk Records)

8. Rape Revenge – Rates of Failure (To Live a Lie Sampler 2012, To Live a Lie Records)
9. Torch Runner – Feeding (To Live a Lie Sampler 2012, To Live a Lie Records)

10. NASDAQ – 4th Quarter Slump (Soundcloud Release)

11. Do Make Say Think – Do (Other Truths, Constellation Records)

12. Oren Ambarchi – Salt (Audience of One, Touch)
13. Wil Bolton – Rynek Główny (Amber Studies, Rural Colours)

14. Ex-Easter Island Head – Mallet Guitars Two First Movement (Mallet Guitars Two / Music for Moai Hava, Low Point)
15. Rrose – With All Faces Bleached Out (Artificial Light (1969 – 1909), Sandwell District)

16. Mel O’Dubhslaine – Drinking All Day Dressed As Characters from ‘Top Gun’ (I Can Remember the Faces of All the Grebs from School, Sheepscar Light Industrial)
17. Richard Knight – The Man with the Beige Face (Sinedie, Slumberjack Records)

18. Xasthur – The Prison of Mirrors (Subliminal Genocide, Hydra Head Records)

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