Monday 21 January 2013

Posset 'Beast Tapes of 2012'

Beast Tapes of 2012...

As part of the 45th episode of The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show, Posset's Beast Tapes of 2012 mix was aired. The work compiles Posset's selections from his personal favourite cassette-only releases from last year. A bloody good selection it is too! You can stream and download the mix below. Over to the man himself...

'It’s been a very good year for tapes. Vocal mouth-jizz has been slurping all over the shop; noise seems to have got grubbier & dirtier; drone has been plumbing new depths of the soul; otherness has taken a pastoral trip and guitar pluckery has been crisp & sharp like a frosty morning. Here’s all the best of 2012. It’s clumsily mixed, sorry about the sloppy edits and tape hiss. It is what it is. Enjoy friends. Posset.'

1. Lovely Honkey – Set Sail for the Moral High Ground (Total Vermin)
2. Sindre Bjerga – Vocal Studies #9 (My Dance the Skull)
3. No Artist - Untitled AKA I Almost Drowned (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
4. Jazzfinger – Destroyed Form (Handmade Birds)
5. Benway – Ham Hock (Fucking Amateurs)
6 Bill Orcutt – Why Does Everyone Love Free Music But No-one Loves Free People? (Palilalia)
7. Tom Settle on the compilation Post-Industrial Freak Flag (Winebox Press)
8. Vampire Blues – Epistemological Relativism (Total Vermin)
9. No Artist – We’re Not Serving Him (Gloryhole)
10. Blood Stereo – The Eight Thumbed Hand Serenades (Ultramarine)
11. Acrid Lactations – The Presidential Cow is Bound to the Maypole (Total Vermin)
12. Lovely Honkey/Acrid Lactations – Sing the Futile Tapestry (Total Vermin)
13. Blue Spectrum – Witch Fucker (Blue Spectrum Tapes)

Thank You Posset.

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