Sunday 6 January 2013

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #45

Coming hard, Bro'...

After a relaxing month away from the microphone, here is the forty-fifth episode of the Crow Versus Crow Radio Show.

Although, as it's based on my recent listening habits, it nearly comprised of Wu Tang Clan and 'Don't' by Dinosaur Jr. exclusively, within the first episode of the new year (always different, always the same) there are tracks from older favourites such as The Fall (always different, always the same), Mogwai and Dinosaur Jr.; new releases from numerous newly established UK-based independent/DIY labels, such as Paul Carr/Build Music, Rejections/Reject and Fade and Spirit of John/Gin House Records, to name a few; 'Klassic Trax' that I make no apologies for/feel no need to make justifications for - kwallity iz kwallity, after all; and a specially composed Beast Tapes of 2012 mix from Posset, comprising his selection of cassette-only finery from the last year.

Headphones are definitely recommended. Jumpers too, if it's cold.

If you are at all interested in the work of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired in a far inferior mono form on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 6th January 2013 between 6 and 8pm.

1. Paul Carr – News 24 (The History of Aviation, Build Music)
2. The Fall – Smile (The Complete Peel Sessions 1978 – 2004, Castle Music)

3. BBBlood – Marseille (N 51°33' 0'' / W 0°7' 0'', Sheepscar Light Industrial)

4. Rejections – Corridor (Receding Zones, Reject and Fade) Also: Receding Zones Tumblr
5. Wrath of the Weak – Brotherhood of Destruction (Just a Momentary Diversion on the Road to the Grave, Earth Space Noise Research Laboratories)

6. Nocturnal Poisoning – A Wandering Disappearance (Other Worlds of the Mind, Disharmonic Variations)
7. Mount Eerie – Ocean Roar (Condensed) (Clear Moon/Ocean Roar Condensed Versions, P.W. Elverum and Sun)
8. Mogwai – D to E (UK/European Tour EP, Not on Label)

9. PossetBeast Tapes of 2012 Mix

-  Lovely Honkey – Set Sail for the Moral High Ground (Total Vermin)
-  Sindre Bjerga – Vocal Studies #9 (My Dance the Skull)
-  No Artist - Untitled AKA I Almost Drowned (Blue Spectrum Tapes)
-  Jazzfinger – Destroyed Form (Handmade Birds)
-  Benway – Ham Hock (Fucking Amateurs)
-  Bill Orcutt – Why Does Everyone Love Free Music But No-one Loves Free People? (Palilalia)
-  Tom Settle on the compilation Post-Industrial Freak Flag (Winebox Press)
-  Vampire Blues – Epistemological Relativism (Total Vermin)
-  No Artist – We’re Not Serving Him (Gloryhole)
-  Blood Stereo – The Eight Thumbed Hand Serenades (Ultramarine)
-  Acrid Lactations – The Presidential Cow is Bound to the Maypole (Total Vermin)
-  Lovely Honkey/Acrid Lactations – Sing the Futile Tapestry (Total Vermin)
-  Blue Spectrum – Witch Fucker (Blue Spectrum Tapes)

10. Spirit of John – Snakes (Snakes, Gin House Records) Also: Gin House Records
11. Caught in the Wake Forever – Western Medicine has Failed Me (Against a Simple Wooden Cross, Hibernate Recordings)

12. Horseback – Inheritance (The Changeling) (Half Blood, Relapse Records)
13. Nathan Bell – Singing Through the Air (Colors, Lancashire & Somerset)

14. John Oswald –Way (Plunderphonics 69/96, Fony)
15. Esther Burns – L’intranquile (La Valeur Du Vide, La Valeur Du Vide)

16. Esoteric Youth – Litost (Demo Tape, Church of Fuck)
17. We Came Out Like Tigers – Immutable (Agelessness and Lack, Dog Knights Productions)

18. Dinosaur Jr. – Don’t (Bug, SST)

You can also download the entire episode in glorious 320k Technicolour here.

Thank You.

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