Saturday, 24 September 2011

Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #14

The Continuing Saga of Thee Crow Versus Crow...

Unfortunately, it seems the podcast for this show isn't available. The list of tracks played is still included below for the reference of those who tuned in live during Sunday's show.

Recorded live on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 18th September 2011 between 6 and 8pm.

Please support the artists featured in this show by purchasing their records and/or attending their gigs.


1. Talvihorros & Matthew Collings - Four Tracks
2. PJ Harvey - Water (Demo)
3. Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn, Winter Hymn, Winter Hymn
4. Mount Eerie - Between Two Mysteries
5. My Bloody Valentine - Strawberry Wine
6. Efrim Manuel Menuck - Chickadees Roar Pt.II
7. We Came Out Like Tigers - Hannah
8. Akron Family - Silly Bears
9. B>E>A>K - Only the Crow Knows
10. No Coast - Noise Nest
11. Georgia Asphalt - My Crown Is Crooked
12. Sex Hands - Parker
13. Buoys - Cry
14. Louden Wainwright IIIrd - Daughter
15. Elizabeth Anka Vajagic - The Sky Lay Still
16. The On Hold Selection Mix
17. Geeshie Wiley - Last Kind Words Blues
18. Tom Waits - Bad As Me
19. Hangedup - Kling Klang
20. The Men - Bataille
21. Liars - Scarecrow on a Killer Slant
22. Shield Your Eyes - Drill Your Heavy Heart (Fear of DIY recording)

Thursday, 15 September 2011

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #13

'...No Andy, All Vibes...'

No Princely Ginger this week, but Kane 'Kane' Rattray steps in.
This podcast will keep you warm at night and feed your gnarling children.

If you like any of the records played on this podcast please support the artists through buying their records and/or attending their gigs.

Recorded live on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale), Sunday 4th September 2011, between 6 and 8 pm.


1. David Thomas Broughton vs 7 Hertz - Fisted Hand
2. Jose Gonzales - Remains
3. Tinariwen - Cler Achel
4. Jeff Mangum - Two Headed Boy
5. Low - The Plan
6. Oxes - Horses Are Okay
7. Rolo Tomassi - I Love Turbulance
8. Holy Molar - Cavity Search
9. Fleet Foxes - Helplessness Blues
10. Beirut - Payne's Bay
11. Radiohead - Give Up The Ghost
12. Thee Cuss Words - Marajuana Minutes
13. United Fruit - Go Away Don't Leave Me Alone
14. John Grant - TC & Honeybar
15. King Creosote & John Hopkins - Bubble
16. Happy End - Kaze Wo Astumete
17. Gayngs - The Gaudy Side Of Town
18. Bon Iver - Perth
19. Wavves - Post Acid
20. Ty Segall - Girlfriend
21. Jaga Jazzist - Stardust Hotel

Phoenix-2011-09-12-63197 by CrowVersusCrow

Monday, 12 September 2011

Crow Versus Crow presents UNITED FRUIT | THEE CUSS WORDS | HORSES | Bar Up, Halifax | 10th September 2011

Image credit: Andrew Wild

A massive thank you to everybody involved in making this night what it was; to all the people who came down to support Crow Versus Crow, the bands and DIY music in Halifax - we're seriously grateful to you all; to everyone at Bar Up; to Horses for their Stapleton tee (Matt), incredibly powerful moustache (Adam) and all round good vibes; to Thee Cuss Words for their superior taste in Post-Trousers Polaroid Photographs and all round good vibes; and to United Fruit for being super, super nice guys, playing a cracking set involving a dismantled drum kit and 10+ drummers and all round good vibes.

United Fruit were filming throughout the night, compiling tour footage towards a documentary, erm, documenting to realities of DIY touring, so hopefully one or two pretty Fax faces will make an appearance.

...excellent vibes.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Nice Words from Friends

Andy Elizabeth McNope-Tank has written some nice things about our work on a new blog, Bradford Music Chap, set up to cover musical goings on in the Bradford area.

Although it's currently in it's infancy, the blog will no doubt be a great resource for people looking for reviews, news and listings of DIY events in said part of West Yorkshire area. We at Crow Towers are incredibly supportive of projects such as this which help to link various projects, and encourage a sense of community, in what is a relatively small area with a high proportion of culturally relevant, ethical happenings.

Big thanks go to Andy Abbott for giving us a nod.

Thursday, 1 September 2011

UNITED FRUIT | THEE CUSS WORDS | HORSES, Bar Up, Halifax, 10/09/11

Just a quick reminder that the UNITED FRUIT | THEE CUSS WORDS | HORSES gig at Bar Up, Halifax is just shy of a week away - taking place on Saturday 10th September. It's a snip at £4 on the door, with all the proceeds going straight to the bands once we've recovered our meagre expenses (printing costs, sound guy, rider).

Here's a live clip of Horses playing one of their Billy Childish-ish, archetypal pop tunes, 'Kill Me Now' earlier this year...

...and part of the Cuss Words song, 'Fascinator' recorded live at The Harley in Sheffield...

...and finally, United Fruit's big rock, early Manics meets Sonic Youth vibes 'Kamikaze'... whet one's whistle.