Sunday, 23 October 2016

The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show #106

The 106th  episode of The Crow Versus Crow Radio Show.

Recorded at Crow Versus Crow Haus using a Zoom H1 recorder as a microphone. Stitched together using outdated software. Please listen to this on headphones. 

If you are at all interested in the work of the artists featured in this episode, please support the artists and labels through purchasing their records and attending their shows where possible.

This episode originally aired in a far inferior mono form on 96.7 Phoenix FM (Calderdale) on Sunday 23rd October 2016 between 6 and 8pm.

1. Sonic Youth – Compilation Blues (Geffen Rarities Vol. 1 / Geffen, 1994)

2. Grey Guides – Just Burned Down a Care Home (Beast Mask Supremacist / Crow Versus Crow, 2016)
3. Richard Scott's Lightning Ensemble & Jon Rose – Trio (Auslanders: Live in Berlin / Vernacular Recordings, 2016)
4. Papal Bull - Brassy Exit Burrs (In Is In, Nrmeegecy Is Emergency, Uyo Is You, Cna Is Can, Siht Is Shit, On Is On, A Is A, Polihs Is Polish, Tiancvdseetas Is Sedevacantist / Chocolate Monk, 2016)
5. Alan Courtis / Cyrus Pireh – Coils On Malbec (Excerpt) (Coils On Malbec / Shinkoyo, 2016)

6. Hole House - Was She a Tape Recording? (A Stranger in Town / Aetheric Records, 2016)
7. Embla Quickbeam & Graham Dunning - Active Agents (Inside Memory's Head / Third Kind Records, 2016)
8. African Ghost Valley – OXND8 (Uccide / Czaszka Records, 2016)
9. XAM Duo – The Test Dream (XAM Duo / Sonic Cathedral, 2016)
10. William Ryan Fritch - A Tense Spiral (Ill Tides / Lost Tribe Sound, 2016)

11. Alocasia Garden - The Fire Burning in Glass of Red (Falling Softly on the Heads of Those Responsible / Strange Rules, 2016)
12. Cremation Lily & Kevin Sanders - Heather, Shining Light (Falling Softly on the Heads of Those Responsible / Strange Rules, 2016)

13. James Blackshaw & Lubomyr Melnyk – Venant (The Watchers / Important Records, 2013)

14. Blutiger Jupiter - 3rd Movement (Europa / Ana Ott, 2016)
15. Non - Romance Fatal Dentro De Un Auto (Rise / Mute, 1982)

16. Lichens - Heilagur Draugur (Lítió Fólk / Morc, 2012)
17. Elizabeth Cotton - I'm Going Away (Shake Sugaree / Folkways, 1967)
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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Grey Guides - Beast Mask Supremacist (CVC003)

It's an absolute pleasure to be able to present you with Grey Guides' Beast Mask Supremacist, available as a limited edition cassette and digital download via the Crow Versus Crow Bandcamp.

Available as an edition of 50 cassettes, Beast Mask Supremacist is the third release from Leeds-based duo, Grey Guides, following two self-released CDRs, Back to Mucus and Songs from Grüppen Aleph-Aleph.

With Beast Mask Supremacist, the duo of Lynden St. John (vocals, tapes) and Matt Hurricane-Salt (guitar), accompanied by the presence of spiritual mediator Hogan, disseminate decrepit fragments of an abstract, non-linear narrative revolving around a cast of elusory characters perceptible only on the periphery of consciousness; Glimmers of structures emerge with a sense of uncanny familiarity from the ritualistic drone and ecstatic din, before becoming submerged once again within the complex void; Subliminal transmissions soaked in layers of whirling hiss and magnetic skree. A Burroughsian séance.

'The music staggers along bathed in hiss, echo, and garbled voices, sounding like aging tape recordings of a ritual or séance reassembled into chilling noise transmissions. This music creeps under your skin and deep into the recesses of consciousness. The titles are ace to boot, e.g. ‘Just Burned Down a Care Home’, or ‘Yoo Doo Rite’.'

Spool's Out

'Tuned into the Fortean Times this duo’s reification cacophony of subliminal and subconscious entities – messages from the damned and inter-dimensional – is a most unnerving soundtrack. Imbued in part by early Throbbing Gristle, Blood Stereo, and of course the archdeacon of strange macabre and strung-out visions, William Burroughs, Beast Mask Supremacist is an imaginary (we hope) field recording expedition beyond the ether. Whether they got out alive remains questionable; the found remnants sounding like a battle between complete immersion and total destruction.'

Monolith Cocktail

'Now this well might out weird even those impish chaps the truth about frank in terms of sonic hi-jinks that messes with your head...truly an unnerving and uneasy listening experience all squirelling tape manipulations, hissing howls, white noise terrorphonics and er – primitive chanting and something which we’d have to say and admire, features among the mayhem and melee some of the finest blood lusting wolf howls we’ve heard on a platter since UK Decay’s ‘rising from the dread’. Approach with due care.'

The Sunday Experience

Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Tor Fest 'Tape Roast' cassette-only DJ set with Natalia Beylis

Photo by Sophie Cooper

As part if this year's Tor Fest, I had the pleasure of collaborating on a DJ set of tape-only cuts with Natalia Beylis (Woven Skull, The Sunken Hum, Divil A'Bit...), improvising our unplanned selections in a 'call-and-response' manner. This was recorded and has aired, warps, pops, hiss, cuts and all, by excellent human Tristan Bath, as part of his Spool's Out show for The Quietus on Resonance 104.4fm.

During our set we featured excerpts, in varying lengths, of:

Dick Sutphen - Detach From Your Emotions (Probe 7) (Valley of the Sun)
Recordings produced by Nigel Tucker and Andrew Jones – (Weird & Wonderful Nature Sounds / BBC Wildlife Magazine)
Kink Gong – The Lisu (Excerpt) (The Lisu / Discrepant)
Natalia Beylis - The Sunken Hum Vol. 1 (Extract) (The Sunken Hum Vol.1 / Deserted Village)
Leyden Jars – The Heat of Darkness (Heat Death / Mordant Music)
Eddie Lenihan - The Dalcassians' Banshee (Six Terrible Women / Claddagh Records)
Gail Ghimp – ‘Fire’ Side (Excerpt) (Fire/Failure Soundtrack / Soft Corridor)
Dan Beckman - Full Gallop Number 8 Audiozine (Excerpt) (Full Gallop Number 8 Audiozine / Full Gallop)
Butthole Surfers – Kuntz (Locust Abortion Technician / SST Records)
Willie Stewart - Non - Plastique No 9 1/2 (Excerpts) (Non - Plastique No 9 1/2 / Not on Label)
Score – Heavy Low Concentration (Slump / Cruel Nature Records)
Posset – Zappa Excuse (Friction Rivers / Singing Knives)
Natalia Learning to Talk - home recording by Jeff Beylis
Unknown Artist - Our Favourite Bird Songs of Australia  (Our Favourite Bird Songs of Australia , with commentary by Harold & Audrey Crouch / Not on Label)
Unknown Artists - Ladring Sri Kondur (The Sultan's Pleasure: Javanese Gamelan & Vocal Music / Music of the World)
Miles Davis – On The Corner (On The Corner / Columbia)
Unknown Artist - Sawt El Badii Vol1 (Not on Label)

Thanks to Tristan / Spool's Out for the opportunity to share this with you. And thanks to Jake & Sof / Tor Press for having us contribute our magnetic wares in the first place. Viva Tor Fest!